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Why use Third Eye Management Solutions

Customized search solutions

We work from fundamental work flame of clients to ensure the suitability of the candidates to be fits with the organization perfectly well and to deliver services at scale which is a cornerstone principle
of our business.


Working exclusively with clients and personalized approach is what we do to make the search confidential while we turn over the whole industries, we neither stir the water nor shake the market overwhelmingly of course.

Comprehensive search approach

Our expertise & networking with business enterprises and candidates we have gathered for almost 20 years, we of course will cover the whole industries and related to ensure the comprehensive search to seek for the perfect match of candidates for clients.

Business Plan

We are not only search for the right candidates but we are also business consultants who can provide guide dance to the business of how we will get the most out of the opportunities available from both internal and external resources in current situation.

Value added

Not only response to the client requirements, but we deliver moreover with potentials in the candidates whom can grow the business in accordance with both hard and soft skill along with potentials to grow themselves in their career path in the organization.

Financial Strategy

Getting the right people to the right job and perform an effective works which yield a perfect result to the organization at the right time is of course the most successful financial strategy of the enterprise.

We’ve revolutionized the way businesses are moving forward

We believe in the power of people to change lives and change the world

Working globally with people around the world

We are connecting With people from different sides of the globe to be 

ready to rise and show themselves to the business world.


We know exactly all the milestones and business criteria which are important for clients.


Therefore, we will  search the world just to find the right candidates for clients.


With the internet, the world has no barriers, and we sure the we can make it happens.

Areas of Expertise

Third Eye Management Solutions is a dedicated generalist recruitment firm.

We focus on filling positions from Senior Management through Managing Director and “C” levels, servicing companies across industry sectors and offering search services to multinational and local blue chip companies.

Industries covered include consumer goods, marketing, financial services, logistics, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. we serve companies and institutions of all  sizes and our areas of expertise cover the full range of management function:

Recruiting Strategies – Frequently asked questions

Headhunters aim to fill high-level, executive positions for their clients, while recruiters may be responsible for filling a variety of positions. Furthermore, headhunters usually approach people who are already employed, while recruiters often approach people who are open to new employment.

Headhunters can be extremely valuable because they do the massive amount of leg work required to find qualified candidates for your company. A lot of people think that they can just post a job on a job board or on LinkedIn and the right candidates are going to show up. The truth is this is actually very rare. Yes, sometimes inbound submissions do come that can be a fit. This is mostly when you’re a smaller company with less hiring needs, but as you continue to grow and your hiring needs become more specialized and more frequent, incoming submissions are not going to cut the mustard. And so you have to find a way to have an outbound proactive headhunting and recruiting strategy. You’re going to either need to hire recruiters that are going to work full time internally or you’re going to need to outsource to a headhunter.

A quality headhunter will take the time to properly vet job candidates prior to sending their contact information over to a hiring manager. They’ll look into a person’s background, explore their job history, and evaluate how well their qualifications stack up against what the open role requires.

We are committed to our clients and candidates. We are dedicated to partnering with our clients in identifying and assessing the best available candidates in the market to ensure the most suitable candidate for the client’s organization.  As a boutique executive search firm, we are passionate and take pride in what we do.  We offer our focus, resources, market knowledge and experience, assessment expertise as well as personal client service to ensure that not only every search assignments are a success but the satisfied customers and candidates are confident to refer us to their peers.

Our search process begins with giving client companies an overview of the targeted job market sector, first identifying specific companies and market sectors, outlining job search parameters and creating key criteria for the search. 

Thereafter, our team of experienced and dedicated researchers use both historical, new data and network to develop a list of potentially suitable candidates. Search consultants review and vet each candidate on an individual basis.  As the search progresses, we provide our client company with a regular status report, including industry or sector specific information which may be instrumental in steering search results.

Once we have narrowed the search to a group of not more than five candidates, we will present the client with our candidate assessment and evaluation report. We facilitate interview scheduling, feedback, reference checks and finally, contract negotiations. Our service is both time and cost effective.

Some companies think they can hire multiple headhunters and that will help them find their position better and faster. This is actually a mistake. You don’t want multiple recruiters out there recruiting on your role. Since recruiters work on commission, they may easily work on 10 jobs or more at the same time. Consequently it’s now becomes a matter of speed. To beat the agency next door, it’s all about getting the resumes under your door before anyone else. The recruitment consultant must move quickly, hopefully, an easier job to stand any chance of meeting targets and receiving a commission. At the end of the day you’re not going to get really good quality work out of either of them because there will be too much risk for them to really put the work into your position that is required. 

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